Tuesday, June 19, 2012

hammerhead vs. pants

Hammerhead summoned me to her desk to supposedly discuss something important but instead told me all about her new pants while I stood in direct line of her fan, which was blowing her hot dog smell right at me.

Hammerhead:  I think I'm really going to like these pants. They've got pockets! But I hate this drawstring thingy around the waist.

Me:  Just pull it out and throw it away.

Hammerhead:  Oh, I can't throw anything away.  Here's what I do with pants drawstrings: instead of throwing em in the poopercan, I collect them all to braid them together and make a cat toy out of em!


  1. This blog is brilliant. It's funny but the sheer genius is the fact that this actually happened without any exaggeration on your part (or is there?) According to your bio, you worked with Hammerhead 10 years ago. Does this mean this blog actually has a finite supply of my new drug?

  2. Lia asks an excellent question...will we ever see new content? I'm not complaining but I've shared this with friends and on Jezebel. Expect more visitors!

  3. You're so nice! Hammerhead has passed on so all new content is rendered impossible. But I do ride public transit. Check my twitter feed for fun updates on those characters! @stephaniedrury xoxoxo