Wednesday, October 12, 2011

hammerhead vs. the hospital cafeteria

I walk past a conference room and see 4 people sitting there trying to eat while Hammerhead is standing at the head of the table talking. I enter to eavesdrop.

Hammerhead: ...and I saw him put 2/3 as much vegetables in my veggie omelet as he did in the regular omelet! And then he just covered it with cheese. I said, "Excuse me. You are not making it right." And he said "If you don't like it you don't have to buy it." I bought it anyway, but I shoulda called his bluff. I shouldn't go down there though, because I always get in trouble.

Nurse 1: I heard you were banned from going down there.

Nurse 2: Yeah right! How do you get banned from the cafeteria?

Hammerhead: Oh , I was banned because I complained about their poor service. That's all I did, and they told me I couldn't come back. I got upset with the cashier and then they said I had lost my cafeteria privileges. The cashier was SO RUDE to me so I called her an asshole.

Nurse 1: You said that?

Hammerhead: Sure did! And I would do it again!